Booking ahead of time, makes most requests possible.

Caller id is a necessity



I appretiate taking our time ,creating a mood, sensing one another, feeling comfortable. That is why I prefer prebooked dates. Enjoying getting ready, looking forward to a night in wonderful, masculine Company. savour the expectations. Having thoughts of your preferences as to my wardrobe, who YOU are,..


I try to put a lot of thoughts and efford in getting ready for a date with you. Being natural and a real human being. Getting groomed and extra steamy for you. So I also really appretiate you putting an efford in thinking about what small gestures you could do, to make our date even more positive and memorable.


To make sure, we've got the time ot create such a lovely evening, I prefer to spend a minimum of 2 hours with you, Would love for you to book longer!

Both dinnerdates and sleepovers, at your place, are options, sleepovers after we've met in person.


When you invite me out, for a night on the town, I will make sure to dress extra classy, and you are more than welcome to make requests as to my outfit and makeup. And, to show you how much I cherish a night/dinnerdate, I'll treat you with an extra good deal on the fee.


Besides the fact that I like to take my time, preparing for spoiling you, I have a busy Family/leasure life, wich again Means you need to be ahead to book with me ;O)


you being here, on my site, and later, meeting me in real life, Means you chose me. In the same way, I'd like to get an impression of you, and if I even want to meet you at all and that's why booking is by calling, unless we already know one another <3

+45 27974326

Tlf.: +45 2797 4326