Trine Big Boobs


Trine Big Boobs,

Dry facts;

-I'm 27

-Measures from head to toe, (178 no shoes).

-About 77 kg.

-I've got the biggest, natural bOObs in the business, (H-cup).

-Shoe size is 38.

-Still got short hair.


Hello you.

Welcome to my site. This is an opportunity for you to know me better, to see WHO I am, besides a pretty and attractive look.


A vase without flowers, is merely a vase,.


I love good sex and I love to please you.

I'm always fun, energetic, and smiling. Very rarely someone to just say yes, no and just to agree with you. I am a person with knowledge and insight and would always offer you this input.

And either you'll love me, or you'll love me, and just not know yet ;O

As a person, both as Trine and when I go home, I try to as honest and autenthic as possible.This Means that you'll never meet a "noddy-doll", that'll just agree with you,(unless you ask me to), or pretend to orgasm just by you looking at me.

Life is worth so much more, than playing pretends,.

you being here, on my site, and later, meeting me in real life, Means you chose me. In the same way, I'd like to get an impression of you, and if I even want to meet you at all and that's why booking is by calling, unless we already know one another <3


Looking forward to meeting you!


Tlf.: +45 2797 4326

Email: TrineJensennu@gmail.com


Tlf.: +45 2797 4326